Kyle & Kristen Volkswagen Love

2014-04-23_00052014-04-24_00022014-04-23_00102014-04-23_00082014-04-24_00012014-04-23_00042014-04-23_00112014-04-23_00062014-04-23_00072014-04-23_0003Being the adventurers that they are, Kyle & Kristen thought that a shoot with their 1971 Volkswagen Van was the perfect way to document their second year of marriage. I couldn’t have agreed more! We drove that beauty in an open filed in Oklahoma, and began what would become one of my favorite photo shoots ever. Considerate with their words and gentle with their actions, Kyle and Kristen share a kind of love that you can feel in photos. They didn’t pose, they just were. Thankful to call this sweet couple my friends, and excited to document many more special seasons of their lives.

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