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…the newest shop on the Historic Downtown McKinney square!2016-04-17_00012016-04-17_0002 2016-04-17_0003 2016-04-17_0004 2016-04-17_0005 2016-04-17_0006 2016-04-17_0007 2016-04-17_0008 2016-04-17_0009 2016-04-17_0010Raised in Arizona, Coryanne spent her 20’s backpacking across the globe, eating her way through Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America on daily budget of $3. In her 30’s, she earned her Master of Philosophy from Kings College London, and reluctantly entered domesticity with a decade of experience climbing the corporate ladder as a management consultant, and a long history of preferring London night clubs over time spent in the kitchen. However, always curious, and with a growing family to feed, Coryanne cut her teeth one cooking disaster at a time, until a tiny trickle of kitchen victories grew into a culinary passion. Today she is a nationally recognized Food and Lifestyle Expert writing for Better Homes and Gardens and appearing in Traditional HomeMore Magazine and national daytime shows across the US sharing her love of rustic cooking and slow living.

Coryanne is passionate about busy kitchen tables, strong cocktails, heirloom dishes, knowing glances, gregarious laughter, and the stories that remind us of what it means to share life with the ones you love; her joie de vivre is recognizable and ever present is everything she does, and is the signature of Ettiene Market. Opening Ettiene Market allows the Ettiene Family to grow something together, and answer the question everyone always asks them “what lies behind those kitchen cupboards?” The idea for a family run shop that sells only the items they love and use in their kitchen was formed around the kitchen table that now sits at the heart of the Ettiene Market. Well beyond calling Downtown McKinney a place where they love living, they can now plant deeper, stronger community ties by being shop keepers on the Square.

Everything has been hand curated by Coryanne, and is used in the Ettiene kitchen. As an advocate for slow living and real food, Coryanne’s work as a Food and Lifestyle Expert has introduced her to some of the best small batch suppliers from all over the US and across the globe. Ettiene Market sells artisan ingredients, vintage and new kitchen linens, classic cooking tools, award winning cookbooks, and curious finds that make kitchen living enjoyable.

At the heart of every kitchen is a great story. At the heart of Ettiene Market is the family story how they the items on the shelves have shaped their kitchen story and why they are not just items to sell, but stories to cherish and memories in the making.

When asked why she chose Historic Downtown McKinney, she said, “It’s all Good in the Hood.” The Ettiene’s live downtown with Spinny, “The Shop Dog in Training,” and 9 spoiled hens.

Follow her journey:
Twitter: CoryanneEttiene
Instagram: @EttieneMarket
Website: www.EttieneMarket.com

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