Stay Awhile | Office + Guest Bedroom Remodel

2016-07-25_00012016-07-25_00072016-07-25_00062016-07-25_00102016-07-25_00352016-07-25_00392016-07-25_00232016-07-25_00372016-07-25_00362016-07-25_00772016-07-25_00242016-07-25_00222016-07-25_00032016-07-25_00312016-07-25_00192016-07-25_00272016-07-25_00292016-07-25_00182016-07-25_00142016-07-25_00152016-07-25_00932016-07-25_00442016-07-25_00942016-07-25_00172016-07-25_00132016-07-25_00292016-07-25_00402016-07-25_00412016-07-25_00212016-07-25_00912016-07-25_00122016-07-25_00432016-07-25_00112016-07-25_00202016-07-25_00042016-07-25_0002Tiny, cozy, spaces…they’re my very favorite kind. The types of spots that bring back fond childhood memories, yet leave you dreaming of all the places you’ve yet to adventure, at the very same time. A peaceful place where the shade of paint on the walls tells you to rest, in all of it’s soothing splendor. The whitest of mints, with a name just as simple as that. Treasures big and small, with a history all their own. Pastels, next to pastels, paired with elegant gold pieces inspired by the days where quality mattered most, and detail was a close second. A place you don’t really care to leave, anytime soon, and the hanging of your coat, means a warm cup of coffee, and sincere conversation, is just around the corner. A patchwork quilt welcomes tots, and their toys, just the same, and the lyrics you know by heart, make for words to ponder on as they linger in the air. The smell of Lavender Macarons invite you to settle in and stay awhile. A space just like this, now hosts me for hours a day, and guests, whenever they please. I’ll edit here and there, watching lovely stories unfold, kissing my baby girl in-between computer clicks, and thanking to Lord for not a moment missed with her. It’s square feet such as this that set butterflies loose to soar, and the give the feeling, deep down in your soul, “it is well!”

Big thanks to Flavio Peres for the beautiful wood work & Pedro Painting for coating our walls in wonderfulness! “Stay Awhile” Hook : Urban Outfitters | Twin Bed Frame : Vintage Find | Bedding : Urban Outfitters | Throw Pillows : Vintage + Urban Outfitters & Ikea| Round Shelf : Target (in store only) | Custom Doll : 3 and 3 Heirloom Dolls |Desk Essentials : Rifle Paper Co. & Target | Pink Desk Chair : Land of Nod | Desk : World Market (no longer available) | Stackable Boxes : Ikea | Air Plant Holders : Target | Polaroid Prints : Simply Rosie Photography | Hymn Cards : Magnolia Market | Cassie Loree Photography Logo : October Ink | Die Cut, Letter Pressed Business Cards : Missing Q Press  Pendant Light : Pottery Barn Kids | “Perfect Love Casts out Fear” : Vine + Branches via Shop Landry Kate | Barr-Co. Apothecary Jar Candle : Anthropologie | Lavender Macaron Candle : Bath & Body Works | Acrylic Make-Up Storage : The Container Store. All other items seen were once loved by someone else before making their way into my cozy space.

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