Colorful Cacti & A Tiny Turban

2016-07-16_00012016-07-16_00112016-07-16_00092016-07-16_00102016-07-16_00042016-07-16_00052016-07-16_00082016-07-16_00062016-07-16_00072016-07-16_00122016-07-16_0013Summertime is full swing here, in Texas! We’ve hit the triple digits, and the only thing that sounds nicer than jumping in cold, blue pool, is grabbing a snow cone on the way! Texas summers are different than most, and not in the best of ways. An early morning shower, leads to a sticky afternoon, leaving me dreaming of a dryer place than this. A land where cacti grow like weeds, and colorful ones at that. A magical¬†desert at it’s finest. This little number caught my eye, the moment I walked into my favorite shop on the square, Landry Kate! Just when the style of the dress couldn’t get any cuter, the pops of pastel pink and turquoise won me over! Also, how sweet is my girl in her tiny turban from Charming Damsel?!

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