Alexis Sutter Senior

2017-04-05_0050I absolutely loved my time spent with Alexis and her beautiful momma! It is no wonder Denise’s twins (yes I said twins!) turned out so gorgeous. Running into Denise at my favorite store (Anthropologie) was meant to be. Who would have known that having her help me decide which Christmas candle to buy (as if I need another candle!) would turn into a sweet friendship where I would later photograph her two seniors. Alexis was such a joy to photograph. She knew the exact look she was going for and would gasp at every “back of the camera” shot I showed her! After a few outfits, we met up with her twin brother for some photos together on the square, and a couple solos of just him! These two are headed to separate collages in the Fall- Alexis attending University of Florida, and Steven- attending Texas Tech. Can you imagine being apart for the first time in 18 years? A bittersweet time of gaining independence, yet figuring out what life looks like living states away from your close friend. I wish them both the best and know they will be incredibly successful!2017-04-05_00492017-04-05_00032017-04-05_00042017-04-05_00052017-04-05_00062017-04-05_00082017-04-05_0009 2017-04-05_0011 2017-04-05_0010 2017-04-05_00122017-04-05_0014 2017-04-05_0015 2017-04-05_0016 2017-04-05_00172017-04-05_0018 2017-04-05_0019 2017-04-05_0020 2017-04-05_00212017-04-05_0022 2017-04-05_0023 2017-04-05_0024 2017-04-05_0025 2017-04-05_0026 2017-04-05_0027 2017-04-05_0028 2017-04-05_0029 2017-04-05_0030 2017-04-05_0031 2017-04-05_0032 2017-04-05_0035 2017-04-05_0034 2017-04-05_0033 2017-04-05_0036 2017-04-05_0037 2017-04-05_0038 2017-04-05_0040 2017-04-05_0039 2017-04-05_0042 2017-04-05_0041 2017-04-05_0043 2017-04-05_0044 2017-04-05_0047 2017-04-05_0046 2017-04-05_0045

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