Pavitra Organic Day Spa in Historic Downtown McKinney

2017-05-21_0029Have you ever seen a more gorgeous, fun, relaxing spa in your life? I’d have to see it to believe it! Pavitra Day Spa is nestled in the heart of Downtown McKinney, surrounded by the charm of Historic homes and the fun to be had, on the square. You are welcomed by a the illumination of this custom neon light, then quickly overwhelmed by the beauty of the mid-century inspired front waiting space. Before your treatment, you will be invited to spend a little time unwinding in the dark, cozy room found at the back of the spa. There you will find fruit infused water & hot tea. The truth is, you will be so busy taking photos of this place, you won’t actually start relaxing until your treatment! I was okay with that! The massage therapist are incredible, and my husband and I’s only wish was that we could have added an extra hour to our couples massage. It was that wonderful! We can’t wait to book another! Pavitra specializes in 100% natural beauty and pure relaxation by using all natural, organic products. In my opinion, there is no way I’d rather smell than like relaxing lavender. Mmmm! Okay, I won’t keep you any longer. Sink deep into the loveliness of this post, then make your appointment today!2017-05-21_00012017-05-21_00232017-05-21_00282017-05-21_00072017-05-21_00082017-05-21_00242017-05-21_00322017-05-21_00222017-05-21_00092017-05-21_00102017-05-21_00122017-05-21_0026 2017-05-21_00252017-05-21_00152017-05-21_00172017-05-21_00162017-05-21_00182017-05-21_00192017-05-21_00202017-05-21_0021

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