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Friday Morning : A Trip to The Old Red Lumberyard || Orly Market2016-04-17_0011Anyone who knows my hard workin’ man, knows that convincing him to take a day off work, takes just that…convincing! I love that about him though! It makes our weekdays spent together, quite the treat! After working one of Downtown’s most exciting events, he had collected a handful of “comp time” hours, and was given the green light to take a day to play! So play, we did! Here’s a look at our long weekend, spent at one festival after another, in the best of company!2016-04-17_0012 2016-04-17_0013 2016-04-17_0014“Sky Blue” Hand Tied Bow : The Splendid Bow Shop2016-04-17_0015 2016-04-17_0016Presley gets as much attention as Josie, and she doesn’t mind one bit!2016-04-17_0017My find of the day! A five dollar costume jewelry ring…I’ll take it!2016-04-17_0018FAV JEANS EVER : American Eagle || Polka Dot Striped Shirt : Forever 21 || Heart Shaped Sunglasses : American Eagle || Tan Leather Watch : Olivia Burton || Gold Studs : Tory Burch || Lip Color : MAC2016-04-17_0019 2016-04-17_00202016-04-17_00212016-04-17_00322016-04-17_0034 2016-04-17_00332016-04-17_0031 2016-04-17_0030We had the best time chatting with friends, and owners of Patina Green Market, about their newest endeavor, “Evergreen!” They are still in the dreaming process, but before we know it, this old, Sage barn will be completely transformed into a space sure to leave people in awe; much like everything this talented group put their hands to!2016-04-17_00272016-04-17_0022 2016-04-17_0023 2016-04-17_0024 2016-04-17_0025 2016-04-17_00262016-04-17_00282016-04-17_0029Friday Afternoon : Fort Wort Main Street Arts Festival2016-04-17_0035 2016-04-17_0039 2016-04-17_0041 2016-04-17_0040Itty Bitty Buttercream Mary Janes : Mon Petiette Shoes2016-04-17_0036 2016-04-17_0037 2016-04-17_0038Saturday Afternoon : McKinney Trade Days with The Hugghins’2016-04-17_0042 2016-04-17_0043Brie Diagonal Leather Bow in “Canary” : Forth and Pierce2016-04-17_0045 2016-04-17_0044Saturday Evening : Hammock Time with Daddy & A Walk to the Square2016-04-17_00462016-04-17_0047 2016-04-17_00482016-04-17_00492016-04-17_0001Ettienne Market on The Square…Downtown McKinney’s newest shop!2016-04-17_00022016-04-17_00032016-04-17_00042016-04-17_00052016-04-17_00062016-04-17_00072016-04-17_00082016-04-17_00092016-04-17_0010All in all, the weekend was one I wish never had to end, but then again, I know new adventures lie around the corner. As the temperature grows warmer, so do the inches on our little baby girl. Her first Spring has been the best one of my life, and it’s only just begun. I couldn’t be more thankful for the days, hours, minutes, and seconds spent soaking up all the love my little family, and group of Downtown neighbors pour out. They make me one happy wife, mama, and friend.

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