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Kenzi Rae Newborn

2015-07-01_00022015-07-01_00312015-07-01_00302015-07-01_00292015-07-01_00032015-07-01_00262015-07-01_00252015-07-01_00212015-07-01_00412015-07-01_00382015-07-01_00062015-07-01_00072015-07-01_00052015-07-01_00372015-07-01_00362015-07-01_00102015-07-01_00242015-07-01_00232015-07-01_00222015-07-01_00082015-07-01_00422015-07-01_00112015-07-01_00342015-07-01_00092015-07-01_00782015-07-01_00282015-07-01_00272015-07-01_00352015-07-01_00132015-07-01_00202015-07-01_00182015-07-01_00192015-07-01_00172015-07-01_00162015-07-01_00142015-07-01_0015Not only is this little family the cutest, they are the sweetest, too! More often than not, photography causes me to cross paths ¬†with people who I instantly bond with! I met the Colwick’s two years ago, when Callie asked me to photograph her and Kevin’s anniversary photos! I came home raving about this precious couple! Their love for one another was so genuine and selfless. I couldn’t wait to get together with them again! Several dinner dates later I would find out some really exciting news! They were expecting! Over the next nine months, I would follow Callie’s pregnancy journey, take her maternity photos, and have the honor of photographing baby Kenzi’s arrival on May 1st, 2015! These photos were taken two weeks after she got settled into her new home. Isn’t her nursery just darling?! So thankful to call the Colwick’s dear friends, and to do life together. Can’t wait for all the play dates baby Kenzi & Josie will have!

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