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Hard to believe that our 8 hens were this small at one time! Today’s post takes a look back at the day we brought these sweet chicks home, and began building their coop! It was so sweet to watch Aaron and his dad build this beautiful structure together, from the ground up. We’ll cherish these photos for a lifetime. This is one of many blog posts centered around all things outside. Welcome to, “The Ruffled Feather!” Have fun!2014-05-30_0004This first photo is of Miss Poppy. Sadly, this little baby didn’t make it. She was the first little chick that I picked up out of the box at the feed store, and what made me want to raise chickens. While hundreds of chicks ran around trampling on top of one another, she sat quietly and kept to herself. I was drawn to her calm nature, but later realized that her temperament was as so, because she was sick. She lived for about a week, and we cared for her the best we knew how, but sadly ended up burying her under our acorn tree. Teeny Tiny Poppy, always remembered!2014-05-30_0005Here’s Q, like the letter! She’s a Buff Orpington! Her name was inspired by one of my most favorite shops on the square, “Missing Q Press!” She’s one our most tame chickens that I love to give cuddles!2014-05-30_00222014-05-30_00102014-05-30_00192014-05-30_0007This Barred Rock is Ida! She was named after Aaron’s grandmother, who was also known as “Big Momma.” We thought this name was fitting, because Ida was one week older than the other chicks, and from day one has always “ruled the roost!” She and Aaron are so cute together! 2014-05-30_00212014-05-30_00162014-05-30_00172014-05-30_0008Believe it or not, this yellow chick grew up to be mostly red in color, hence her breed, a Production Red! Little Lola! She’s the chirpinest little thang, and loves to be around company at all times! If she’s alone, her chirp will let you know it! Just like any other animal, these hens have personality!2014-05-30_00132014-05-30_00122014-05-30_0006Meet pretty¬†Haddie! This chick is precious, and the one that I claim as my own! She loves to wear winged eyeliner, and will let you pick her up anytime of the day, so come over! This little Brown Leghorn is the smallest of all of our hens, and will most likely stay that way!2014-05-30_00112014-05-30_00182014-05-30_0009This is Gussie! Also named after one of Aaron’s grandmothers! This gal has been full of sass since the moment she cracked out of her egg! We hear that the Gussie that she was named after, was a spunky thang as well! She’s a Golden Spangled Hamburg, and is as pretty as they come!2014-05-30_00142014-05-30_00202014-05-30_0015It was a week or so later, that we decided to get a few more chicks to fill the coop. On the next blog post, you’ll meet Wendy, Lou & Minnie. Thanks for stopping by! See ya soon!

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