Let me Introduce Myself

about-portfolioI’m Cassie Loree Werner. Cassie was my dad’s middle school girlfriend whose name he thought was awfully cute. Loree is the middle name of eight ladies in my family and dates back to my great great uncle Loree Kisner who was born in 1877. His sister loved his name so much that she made it the middle name of my grandma, and so it was and will always be. I received the last name Werner on June 16, 2011 when I said “I do” to the man I adore. He is good to me every moment of every day. I began my journey into the field of photography at the young age of twelve years old. I cannot begin to tell you how many disposable cameras my mom dropped off to have developed for me. I saw everything in pictures. Framing things out, just wishing I had a camera on me to take a photograph before the scene so quickly faded away. Years later, the dream of owning my own “big” camera came true. I wore that thing out chasing butterflies in my front yard, determined to snap a good one, and convincing all of my friends to model for “photo shoots.” Behind the camera was my happy place. It was like I could reach out, grab and hold forever the moments that were in front of me. In the beginning I knew I wasn’t good, but unlike anything else in life…I didn’t care. I loved it too much. I knew with time and patience, I would grow. So, this little plant got out in the sun. Anytime I could, I was shooting, being watered by photographers who will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the summer of 2011 that I saw my first flower begin to bud. What hope that brought to my heart! I understood that I served The Creator of creativity itself, and so, in trusting The Lord to carry me through, He did. So, here I am, living my childhood dream, white picket fence and all. I cherish the simple things in life; a warm summer day, making sun tea while my pretty pup Presley runs laps around the acorn tree in our backyard. More than anything, photography is a priceless treasure in life, and one that I can’t imagine living a day without. How quickly the years go by, and to be able to relive ages and stages time and time again is but a dream. Whether he just got down on one knee, and you’re looking to have your sweet love captured in the most genuine way, or you just found out that there is a little baby in your belly, I would truly be honored to be the one to document your life’s most special moments. With over 230 portrait sessions and 60 weddings behind me, I move forward with great expectation that the best is yet to come. I am thrilled that you are here, considering me as your photographer. cassie-sig-11


“ I’m inspired by sun drenched open fields, cotton candy skies, ferris wheels, and striped circus tents; all things whimsy, happy, magical and bursting with love.”

What’s in my bag?

 My favorite Cameras

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark II

What about lenses?

Canon 50/1.2 L

Canon 85/1.2 L

Canon 24/1.4 L

Canon 135/2 L

Canon 100/2.8

When it’s too dark?

Canon Speedlite 480 EX II

Icing on the cake

I always shoot in RAW and in manual mode. All of my post-processing is done in both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop on my iMac. As an artist, the biggest favor I ever did myself was stop comparing my work to that of others, and rather than trying to mimic the editing style of someone else-creating color combinations that combined all my favorite things into one custom look. A mixture of rich, hazy, matte and muted.

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