One-on-one Personal Mentoring

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1-Day Mentorship

Mentoring sessions with me, Cassie Loree take place in Historic Downtown McKinney, Texas, just 30 miles North of Dallas. The mentorship will be a fun filled day (typically between 6-8 hours) of learning, and is designed for ladies only.

I will start by treating you to breakfast at one of the yummiest spots on the square. We will take this time to get acquainted with one another!

Next, we will head to my home studio where we will talk business! If you are just starting out, my number one goal will be to get you out of “auto” mode, and to teach you just how powerful that camera of yours really is! No pressure to have the best equipment on the market…it is so much better to push your current camera and lenses to their limits than to have expensive gear that you do not know how to use! I want you to really come to KNOW your camera! I promise you, you will have a “light bulb” moment, and once you do, we will take that newfound knowledge outside and start shooting!

If you are someone who already has a full understanding of your camera and are looking to be inspired when shooting, then we will focus on light and how to capture it beautifully! We will spend the beginning of our day dreaming up a styled session, and then bring it to life on a small budget. I will teach you how to tell a story with your photos, all the while posing people in the most flattering positions, ensuring that the most beautiful angles of your subject are being photographed. I will teach you how to interact with your clients professionally, yet in a way that makes them feel comfortable and at ease.

If you have the shooting part down, but are having trouble achieving the “final product” that you are going for, we will spend most of our day in front of the computer learning the ins and outs of the post production process. I will also share with you any advice that I have on developing and maintaining a profitable business, all the while loving the journey.

Investment: $950

3-Day Mentorship

If you have found interest in photography and are looking to cover ALL aspects covered in the paragraph above, I would love to spend 3 full days with you. We would spread these sessions out, about two weeks apart from one another. You would leave each session feeling inspired, and with a workbook full of information to reflect on in the coming weeks. My hope is that you would exercise what knowledge you gained that day until the next time that we met. Each lesson would flow into the next one, and would build upon one another. Together, we will discover and develop a signature style that is fitting for you, and bring you to a place where you can enter into this incredibly creative industry with confidence!

Investment: $2,500

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